Northumbria Institute The Changing face of a gig venue

In an attempt to improve the bookings of a uni gig venue, the name was changed from Uni to Institute and so it needed a change in look. Starting from a sketchbook to a complete branding system.

These are the standard  logos for both the main venue and the smaller venue on the brand colours.

Such is the diversity of the logo that it can be applied to a celebrate pride or show the great live music that has played there.

This is the logotype for the venue, taking advantage of the various weights and styles of Helvetica Neue and with a little encouragement from the type stretch tool to make both lines the same length.

Every gig venue needs a listings poster so took the time to mock up what this would look like. Taking advantage of the stretched typographic theme from the logo, I decided that both the artists and the date would be flexible for this treatment.

Listings poster (Left & Below)

Shareable squares (Above)

Gig Posters with Branding

Venue Wristbands (below)

Technical Specification Venue Document (below)